Make way, make way!

Comfort zone, we all have them. Mine happens to be my bed with a YouTube video playing as I curl up and just relax. Most people say it’s healthy to break out of your comfort zone, to explore the world around you, make yourself uncomfortable so you can learn to be comfortable, or something like that.

I decided today to try to break out of my little hidey-hole and go and make some sort of fun out of my day off. So I called a fellow coworker and asked if she wanted to go to Gaylord. She and her girlfriend said yes and we were off.

On the way there, we all talked of weird phenomenons that had happened to us, and whether we believed in spirits and the after life. As we wandered around Walmart, we found cute little things that made us fa -girl out of control. We laughed and shared each other’s frustrations when we could t find what we needed in the jumbled up mess of inventory. We shrugged and headed out to Taco Bell to fill our bellies, then off to Meijer we went. Did I mention that the eclipse was going on as we were roaming about? Yeah, it was pretty creepy. We only had about a 75% coverage, and whoa, the entire world around d us was a mixture of yellow and grey. Once we got to the store, we saw a couple of ladies with their fancy eclipse glasses watching from their car, feeling all classy.

We roamed about, looking at various odds and ends, and we ended up in the electronics department. I was furiously hunting for a new band for my Fitbit, since I’m in housekeeping and find myself scraping the wall. Apparently that doesn’t do too well with the Fitbit bands.

Unable to find d a band to for, I turned around and my eyes landed in the soundtrack for Moana. needless to say I freaked out and snatched it right up. My coworker and her girlfriend looked at me like I was crazy and I flashed it in front of them. “GUESS WHO’S BLARING THIS ON THE WAY HOME!”

Before I knew it, the three of us were belting out in unison “Moana, make way, make way!!” in the middle of the aisle. The man at the desk turned at looked at us like we were INSANE, and we couldn’t help but crack up.

On the way home we listen to every single track, trying to hit the high notes and giggling about the fact that the Rock can ACTUALLY sing. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t feel panicky at all today.

Ya know, if someone would have told me that breaking out of my comfort zone would be so fun, I may have done it a long time ago.


Reality – Augmented part 1

Last year, around June, Niantic launched the much awaited, highly anticipated augmented reality hit – Pokemon go. For any 90’s child that grew up eagerly watching to see how Ash’s journey would unfold, this was a slice of virtual heaven. Finally we could catch them all. Finally we could be the very best. In my small town, there was at least fifteen to twenty people roaming about, finding the virtual characters, collecting much needed items, and of course, pitting their prized creatures against rival teams. It was perfect in every way, minus the many bugs that popped up. 

Sadly, with any craze, the hype train for Pokemon go started dwindling. For the active players such as myself this was a good sign. The servers crashed less, pokemon still spawned in abundance, waiting to be caught and trained, and less people to swoop in and steal your gym. 

With the warm weather we have been having lately, and the latest dump of generation two creatures, I grabbed a good friend of mine and went a couple towns over. The stops were plentiful and there were many different spawn areas for these creatures. We were in heaven! As we walked and collected items from stops, we deposited our eggs and anxiously waited for them to hatch. We found more generation two creatures than generation one, but we were far from upset. 

The best thing about this virtual world is that you can turn on a mode called Augmented Reality, which makes the game feel even more lifelike. It allows you to “see” the creatures in your phone, wherever your camera is pointed.

A wild ledyba appeared!

For instance, my friend and I returned to our small town and went to the stops we knew of. I turned on my AR mode, and suddenly busted out laughing. I begged my friend not to move as I calmed down. Unknown to him, he had a Ledyba sitting on his shoulders. 

Even though this game has seemed to have dropped off, I still play it, and find much enjoyment from it. Plus it makes me be active. If I want my eggs to hatch, I have to walk. While I hatch eggs I can collect items and catch all the pokemon! I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, though the cold weather does slow me down. I am currently planning to get a group together during the summer to see how many silly pictures we can get! Until then, I’ll be collecting as many as I can!