Things we all need to hear 

To those who desire more, I will join you in your fight. You should never be afraid of an outcome.

For those afraid to ask, I will stand by you and be your voice. I will be your voice until one day you project your thoughts as though your mouth is a megaphone. 

To those that are tired, the fight is almost over. You are strong, but if your strength is hiding, I will move the boulders for you. 

For those who feel alone, look around you. I will be standing by your side. Your tears may sting your cheeks now, but know that I shed tears for you as well. 

To those who have tried and were shot down, I will be your mob. I will really around you and fight for another chance. Your bravery will not go unnoticed. 

For those who feel like they are nothing to anyone, you are everything to me. Your smile is the reason I fight every day. 

To those who need someone, look no further. I am here. I will sing through the night, shade you from the blinding sunlight, but only if you ask me to. I will listen with open ears about the things that others shut you down about. 

Please don’t forget, I am here. 


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